Meet The Founder - old


Hey Savi Women,

When I started brainstorming for this brand, I remained fixated on one word – creativity. And, that’s because I wanted to establish a unique platform that would provide creative apparel to Indian women and help them feel closer to their cultural roots.

For me, the math is simple – dressing well equates to feeling confident and empowered. And, that’s what Savi stands for - empowerment, creativity, and confidence.

I believe every design crafted brings with it a story. A story of comfort, joyful fabrics, panache, and quality. I, through Savi, intend to weave such stories for every woman out there.

And while I embark on this journey I bring along with me the hard-working team of various female artisans and their upliftment – a social cause I feel strongly about. I feel the talent possessed by them is unlike anything else and it must be preserved.


I, along with my team, spend inordinate amounts of hours imagining, designing, crafting, and giving out the final product of happiness. We pick and choose each thread with care and put our heart and soul into creating the clothes until they get packed and delivered with sheer love.

Whilst we pay immense attention to our clothes and artisans, I would like to direct my attention to YOU in this letter, to remind you that Savi is run by a real woman. A woman with aspirations, vision, dreams, and above all - Hope.

My journey begins and ends with you. And, I would love to embark on this fashionable and mindful adventure with all the Savi Women by my side.

Stay fashion-savvy.

With Love,
Aarti Pareek