Style Diaries With Savi: What Kind Of Bottoms Look Good With Kurtas?

Here’s the tea: styling women’s Kurtas is NOT an easy task. After all, we’ve grown up seeing them as statement-makers on their own.

So, when it comes to wearing Kurtas without committing any fashion faux pas and adding an edge to the simple look, we might start scratching our heads in confusion.

Hence, Style Diaries With Savi is to the rescue – a series in which we take simple clothing and elevate it with straightforward styling tips.

Today, we’ve come up with three bottoms which you can wear with your favourite Savi Kurtas.

1. Palazzos

It’s all fun and breezy in these flared bottoms. We feel that we house the kind of women’s palazzos that make your day. So, ikat prints and indigo prints are major mood boosters in the palazzos and are definitely soft additions to your palazzo collection!

Pair them with neutral-coloured Kurtas to feel beautiful as you are.


2. Straight-fit pants

While designing these straight-fit pants, we said, "The more the merrier.” Therefore, Savi’s straight-fit pant collection features them in SO many colours.

We have added pockets in all the women’s pants for the comfort of your personal belongings and crafted them in cotton fabric so that you slay throughout the day, sans any discomfort.


3. Ghararas

Your causal Kurta collection has a new best friend now. Our floral Gharara is fashionably flared and ready to look the best with your whitest Kurta!

See what we mean by “simple, straightforward styling tips”?

With this series, we wish to reinforce the fact that fashion can be simple yet oh-so impactful.