September colour psychology

A few days ago, Team Savi was researching the latest fashion trends on the internet and somehow ended up on a website explaining Colorstrology.

Some research later, we understood that it aims to ascribe a different color to every day as well as the month of the year by taking into account your sun sign, the ruling planet, and the numerological significance of different dates. This is done to interpret and analyze the given individual or event.

Discovering your birthday color is as intriguing as understanding just why you are drawn to certain colors. Therefore, this blog shines a spotlight on the Colour Of September. If your birthday or a fellow Savi Woman’s birthday arrives this month, you may want to continue reading.

September’s official color happens to be Baja Blue.

This hue is an excellent color for good judgment, intelligence, peace, and wisdom. It ought to be the signature color of all Virgos who are currently being ruled by Mercury. Baja Blue signifies the balancing of the mind. It also heightens appreciation of beauty. Speaking of beauty, we’d like to dedicate five blue outfits to all the September Savi Women out there!

5. Indigo Cotton Printed Casual Straight Kurta Pant Set

Enjoy exploring and shopping these blue picks that exude elegance and allure. To conclude, colors have power and it is time to channel them in your clothes Savi Style! PRODUCTS GOOD TO GO