Recognizing Women: Celebrating Courage, Persistence, and Progress on International Women's Day

Recognizing Women: Celebrating Courage, Persistence, and Progress on International Women's Day

On this international women’s day. Let’s share with you the story of our Founder Aarti and her journey into this world of elegance and in the world of SAVI

The business of fashion runs solely on the fuel of passion. This could be a quote that can well be attributed to Aarti Pareek, the dynamic and bold founder of SAVI, one of the fast-rising stars on the Indian fashion horizon. Savi today with its distinctive Indian imprint, transformed into a much-coveted fashion label for woman.

Like every enterprise that comes into existence to smartly fill a need gap, SAVI too is a beautiful venture that is a result of Aarti’s sharp mind that spotted a gap in the market.

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Shares Aarti, “I was struggling with the poor quality of fabric, monotonous design and high pricing. So I started designing for myself. Then it struck me that like me, there were other women too who were having the same issues. SAVI became my smart, cost effective and fashionable answer to the problem.”

What makes SAVI so unique is the fact that, Aarti consciously nurtured talented woman artisans and other women professionals, who are today the drive behind the brand.

Celebrating the sheer beauty of the confluence of quintessential Indian embellishments with uber cool sartorial styles

SAVI has a portfolio that is defined by its simplicity, painstaking detailing and refined elegance. It is a treasure trove of traditional silhouettes interpreted in contemporary forms, colors, cuts and fall. The brand strives to present the richness of Indian heritage at its very pristine best and every garment is crafted to tell a fabulous story reflecting a rich culture.

“Our women artisans invest their emotions in every single piece that is created. Each piece carries the imprint of their love and intricately fascinating craft,” shares Aarti.


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Aarti, the driving force behind Savi, embodies the essence of passion propelling the fashion industry forward. With Savi, she has not only established a fashion label but ignited a movement that reveres the essence of womanhood.

Recognizing the demand for quality, diversity, and affordability, Aarti embarked on a mission to design garments that resonate with women like herself. Savi emerged as her response, offering intelligent, cost-effective, and fashion-forward solutions to modern women's wardrobe dilemmas.

What distinguishes Savi is Aarti's unwavering commitment to empowering women artisans and professionals, the heart and soul of our brand. Each garment is a labor of love, meticulously crafted to showcase the rich tapestry of Indian heritage in a contemporary light.

From timeless silhouettes to modern cuts, Savi's portfolio epitomizes simplicity, elegance, and refined craftsmanship. Each piece narrates a story of tradition entwined with modernity, with intricate details and superior quality embodying the essence of Savi's excellence.

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Savi's range of kurtas, kurta sets, and one-piece dresses adorned with traditional prints and embellishments bear testament to Aarti's vision of celebrating Indian culture while embracing modern sensibilities.

As a woman-led brand, Savi has mastered the art of balancing style, affordability, and quality. With a dedicated team of women driving innovation and creativity, Savi has redefined the fashion landscape, serving over 50,000 customers through its factory outlets and online platform.

Join us in honoring Aarti and the spirit of women's empowerment that propels Savi's journey forward.

Happy International Women's Day!

Discover the elegance of Savi's collections and become a part of our empowering community.