International Women's Day Special: Women Team Savi Is Inspired By

Happy International Women’s Day, Savi Women! Your social media feeds must be swarming with empowering affirmations right now and we’re glad that they are!

You deserve this hype. You deserve to be showered with accolades. You deserve everything good and positive in the world.

That’s why this Savi blog is dedicated to everybody reading this and three special Savi Women who have made their loved ones and our country immensely proud.

Read on to know more about women who have done something out of the ordinary and raised the bar high for the Indian women workforce.

1. Aarti Pareek

If you’ve been a Savi patron for a while, you know who she is and what an aspirational force she can be.

She’s our boss lady, our guiding light, our ray of hope.

Aarti Pareek started Savi because she could sense a gap within the ethnic Indian retail space. She chose to name this brand a certain way because the word ‘Savi’ means ‘beautiful goddesses’ and promises to remind all the Savi Women that they are indeed beautiful goddesses.

Her aim to shape an aspirational brand comes from observing women from all walks of life. She has understood that women may be different in characteristics but deep down, what they all want is creatively-designed fashion, freedom to explore themselves, and the space to be humble.

Her progressive thoughts continue to mould Savi uniquely! We’re forever grateful for her mentorship.


2. Shraddha Agarwal

Believe us when we say that it would take us a while to list all of Jaipur-based Shraddha’s achievements here but we’ll try!

From being a certified image consultant to a Chartered Accountant, Shraddha has become well-versed in the workings of the Indian corporate sector. However, her inclination to work directly with people and help them unlock their true potential has led to an amazing entrepreneurial shift in her career with her own venture Personage House.

She is a true visionary and an inspiration to many. We are honored to have interacted with her on Women’s Day!


3. Dr. Ashu Agarwal

Her achievements motivate many to pursue a path of perseverance and determination.

Dr. Ashu is a vitreoretinal surgeon, associate professor, ophthalmologist, trained Kathak dancer, and a teacher of medical students and to top it all off - she’s a mother and patriot!

Her gold medals in MBBS make us beam with pride but what prompts us to salute her is the fact that despite being SO busy, she wants to raise her two kids with a modern approach and traditional values.

We wish that more women like her normalize maintaining a beautiful work-life balance and speaking out frankly when the struggle becomes REAL.

It was a pure joy talking to these 3 inspiring Savi Women! We’re pleased that they feel beautiful as they are while filling so many shoes in one lifetime.