How to style Savi tops and tunics?

Most of the time, styling outfits is fun. Other times, it can be downright stressful. Several questions invade your line of thinking-“Will this look good?”, “Am I being too experimental?” and “Is this color combination too out of the box?”, among other doubts.

However, why fear when Savi is here? Today, Fashion Class is in session and it aims first to teach you the difference between tops and tunics after which, we can highlight some ways you can style both the categories of women’s clothing! While a tunic is a long, loose-fitting upper garment, a shirt is an upper garment that sits to your waistline.

How to style Savi tops?

Here’s the thing: one quick look at our women’s tops online and you’ll deduce that they are highly multi-purpose. Not only in the aspect of being versatile but also in terms of being super easy to style.

The colors, too, are in such adaptable, vibrant tones that they will look great with any muted, plain bottoms.

Do you want to play around with the silhouettes? Be our guest! Flared pants in any color (especially black) will bring out the best features of your body.

Now that the above style tips have empowered you enough to wear tops, why not start buying them too? Here are some of our current favorites:

How to style Savi tunics?

While tunics tend to be more on the traditional side of the Indian fashion world, we didn’t forget to add a tinge of contemporary fashion to them.

As these women’s garments are a bit lengthier, we recommend wearing straight-fit pants of any color or snazzy Dhoti pants with them.

Our other recommendation is to wear elegant ethnic jewellery to polish your timeless but-trendy look! Here are the women’s tunics that have our heart:

Happy Shopping With Savi!