Festive Anarkali Kurtas That Put You In The Celebratory Mood Instantly

Indian fashion trends are a class apart. They shaped our past and they maintain their influence in the fashion world to this day.

Take the Anarkali Kurta as an example. This Salwar Kameez style originated in the Mughal court, thanks to a dancer/courtesan named Anarkali. Interestingly, her name translates to a ‘blossoming pomegranate’, which makes sense since the silhouette of an Anarkali Kurta is fitted from the top and flared at the bottom.

Such women’s Kurtas are made from every fabric under the sun and decorated with a variety of embellishments.

While it's true that the Mughal empire only exists in our history books now, this Kurta style, which started flourishing back then, continues to garner our love and fascination.

Since the festive season in India is still in full swing, we decided to list three of our best Anarkali Kurtas that pay the perfect amount of homage to Indian history and quality craftsmanship.

1. Sage Green Cotton Printed Anarkali Kurta Pant Set

The A-line flared calf-length Kurta coupled with the comfiest, semi-elastic straight pants is the best celebratory combination ever.

Stun in this Anarkali suit set for this festive season or any other auspicious occasion that comes your way.

2. Blue Cotton Dabu Hand Block Printed Angrakha Kurta

Pair this Anarkali Angrakha style Kurta with a pair of red pants, a bold shade of lipstick, and heels to feel beautiful as you are during the festivities.

The V-neck Kurta is made from cotton fabric and comes in a deep shade of blue.

3. Red Cotton Floral Printed Anarkali Kurta

Red is the unsung colour of celebration, isn’t it? Then, by all means, don and flaunt this cotton-flared Anarkali Kurta.

Wear it while you are preparing for the festivities. Remember: this is an easy-breezy fit that will help you feel completely at ease when guests are incoming or errands need to be run.

The refined design, sheer elegance, and stand-out nature of the Anarkali Kurta make it all the more timeless. Team Savi feels overjoyed to present you with this blog – which shares a smidgen of Indian history and shares some great Indian outfit options for the festive season.