#ClientDiaries: Find Influencers Influenced By Savi India

We wrote a Client Diaries Savi blog a while ago and you all LOVED it!

Such responses always humble us and as an aspirational brand, we aspire to give you what you want which, in this case, is another Client Diaries blog!

This time around, however, we’re focusing on Instagram influencers with whom we’ve collaborated on several special occasions.

They loved Savi clothing so much that they couldn’t resist posting about it on their social media feed and for that – we’re grateful!

Let’s recount all the times Instagram influencers felt beautiful as they are in Savi.

We sincerely hope we get to do more Client Diaries blogs like this in the future. Doing so not only helps you keep track of your favorite influencers donning Savi apparel but it also gives us a boost of motivation to do more, to do better.

Thanks for reading, Savi Women!