Best Kurtas to wear according to your body shape

Savi Women, we have a new affirmation for you: you are beautiful as you are. Surely you have been reading this on our page for a while now but we just wanted to remind you of it.

And, to help you LIVE this affirmation in real-time, we bring to you a blog that is going to be a fun, educational ride about which Kurta suits your body shape because yes, knowing this can make a huge difference. Plus, being aware of your body shape can also help you make smarter shopping decisions.

So, shall we find out which Savi Kurtas suit your body shape the most?

1. Apple-shaped body

The characteristics of this body shape:

  • Big chest
  • Round tummy
  • Slim legs and hips

Go for women's Kurtas that are:

  • Darker in shade
  • Made of cotton or silk
  • Featured in an A-line silhouette
  • Designed with a V-neckline or an embellished neckline

The goal is to always attract attention to your well-endowed bust!

2. Pear-shaped body

The characteristics of this body shape:

  • Narrow shoulders
  • Slim arms and neck
  • Broader hips, thighs, and legs

Go for ladies' Kurtas that are:

  • From the Anarkali and flared Kurta category
  • Made with a boat neckline or square neckline
  • Featured in a straight-fit silhouette

Your torso is your superpower in this case.

3. Banana-shaped body

The characteristics of this body shape:

  • Straight shoulder line and rib cage
  • Straight hips and butt
  • Slightly defined waist
  • Average tummy

Go for Kurtas online that are:

  • Designed with a broad and deep neck
  • Available in the Anarkali design
  • Short in length, made of cotton and embellished by a front placket, panel detailing, or pleats

Kurtas made from heavy fabric will add volume whereas sleek bottoms like Churidars and leggings will bring balance to your final look.

4. Hourglass-shaped body

The characteristics of this body shape:

The possibilities for stacking are endless. You could wear bracelets and bangles separately or stack them with your favorite watch.

  • Narrow waist
  • Wider hips and bust

Go for women's Kurtas that are:

  • Designed with a flare
  • Deep-necked

Make a point to always shop Kurtas that accentuate your waist.

5. Inverted-triangle body shape

The characteristics of this body shape:

It could be a gemstone studded piece or a simple, glimmering choker. Either way, it does its job of adding personality to Kurtas smoothly.

  • Smaller bottom half than the top
  • Straight and squared shoulder line
  • No distinct definition between hips and waist

Go for Savi Kurtas that are:

  • Flared in design and don’t hug your hips
  • Deep-necked

Make it a point to buy Kurtas that are waist-defining and well-fitted.

So, which body shape do you flaunt? And, which Kurta from Savi will suit you the most? We hope that you know the answers to these questions after reading this blog.