A Quick Look At Our Iconic Indigo Collection

When we came to know that indigo dye has been given the title “blue gold” by many researchers in the past and that the word ‘indigo’ is a Greek term meaning “from India”, we just couldn’t resist designing a clothing collection around it!

As you already know, indigo became a rare commodity when India was under British control. However, times have changed.

Advanced technology allows us to recreate the quintessential indigo colour in machine-run factories now. Combine the ease of machinery with the feathery soft cotton fabric and you get 3 trendy but classy women’s Kurtas from Savi.

Before we begin, here is some background on HOW indigo block printing is done: first, indigo plant bundles are soaked to extract the beautiful, blue dye. At the same time, long cotton sheets are laid out to absorb the color

Hand-carved wooden blocks are used for applying a wax resist to the cotton fabric. Then, once the fabric has been dyed, the waxed areas continue to remain white whereas the rest of the sheet takes on the dynamic hues we are fans of.

Now, back to your new favourite line-up of Indigo print Kurtas!

Indigo Cotton Block Printed Straight Kurta

This straight-fit calf-length Kurta with cuff sleeves and a straight hemline is the epitome of simplicity. We have designed it to elevate your casualwear wardrobe big time.

As the name suggests, this indigo print Kurta was crafted using the ageless Indian textile technique of block printing, giving it that Indian feel without compromising on its trendiness.


Indigo Cotton Printed Casual Straight Kurta Pant Set

Including the full package here! This cotton Kurta is accompanied by semi-elasticated pants so that your ensemble helps you feel put together even if you’re just going out of the house to run a quick errand.

The indigo-printed Kurta is featured in an A-line silhouette, ensuring that you feel beautiful as you are.


Indigo Cotton Striped Printed Designer Dress

Savi is all about versatility too. So, you can don this dress as a Kurta when an occasion calls for something elegantly ethnic.

Special features of this indigo print Kurta that add a sprinkle of chicness are a tie-up belt and tie-up sleeves.

There you have it. Our parting indigo fact for you is that in Hindu mythology, Indigo blue is considered a very lucky colour. It is also labelled as the colour of Lord Krishna – a divine deity we have grown up adoring and worshipping.

Team Savi wishes that you remember these cool indigo facts whenever you wear these stylish women’s Kurtas.
Until next time.