A Floral Symphony - Where Every Designs Sings in Harmony

As the vibrant hues of spring begin to paint the world a new, there's something magical about the blooming flowers that captivate our senses and rejuvenate our spirits. It is in this enchanting season that Savi's Floral Collection emerges like a symphony, weaving together the delicate elegance of nature's palette into stunning designs that evoke joy and admiration.

At Savi, we believe that every creation should be more than just an ensemble of fabrics and threads; it should tell a story, evoke emotions, and resonate with the beauty that surrounds us. This spring, we proudly introduce our latest collection, inspired by the boundless wonders of the floral kingdom- A FLORAL SYMPHONY

 Each design within our collection is meticulously crafted, infused with the essence of nature's finest blooms. From the graceful curves of the rose petals to the intricate patterns of the lily and bougainvillea, every detail is a testament to the awe-inspiring artistry found in the natural world. But beyond mere replication, our artisans imbue each masterpiece with a unique narrative, a tale of inspiration and creativity that breathes life into every stitch.

Our color combinations are as diverse and captivating as the gardens that inspire them. Drawing from a kaleidoscope of shades found in meadows, forests, and gardens, our palette reflects the infinite diversity of nature. Soft pastels whisper of the delicate blossoms that adorn springtime landscapes, while bold, vibrant hues echo the exuberance of summer blooms in full bloom.

 Behind every design lies a story waiting to be discovered. Whether it's the gentle sway of wildflowers in a sun-dappled meadow or the riotous profusion of colors in a tropical paradise, each piece in our collection captures a moment of natural splendor. Our designers take inspiration from the world around them, translating the beauty of fleeting moments into timeless works of art that can be cherished for years to come.

 But our commitment to nature goes beyond mere aesthetics. As stewards of the environment, we strive to ensure that our practices are as sustainable as they are beautiful. From ethically sourced materials to eco-friendly production methods, we are dedicated to minimizing our footprint on the planet while maximizing our impact on the world of fashion.


 Azure Elegance - Blue Floral Printed Angrakha  Kurta Pant Set with Duppata


The color of a clear sky on a sunny day. This traditional suit, paired with a diaphanous dupatta, evokes the rich tapestry of traditional fashion. It's a perfect ensemble for making a statement that values elegance and embraces cultural roots with a modern twist. This block print angrakha kurta makes a perfect statement for your spring collection and a perfect add to your wardrobe.

Vintage Rose Harmony - Pink Floral Angrakha Printed Kurta Pant Set with Dupatta



Embodiment of grace and traditional charm. A suit that speaks volumes about the craftsmanship of the artisans. Its rich palette of vintage rose and deep burgundy is accented with golden embroidery, reminiscent of the intricate designs found in ancient palaces. The suit, complete with a flowing dupatta, is both a nod to the past and a chic take on contemporary fashion. This attire is not just a choice; it's a narrative of elegance woven into the very fabric of history.

 Crimson Cascade: Red Printed A line Kurta Pant Set with Duppata


Draped in a red coral A-line kurta pant set, a vibrant tapestry of cultural storytelling. The kurta blooms with a symphony of block prints, showcasing intricate designs that are a testament to the age-old craft. The colors sing together in perfect harmony, with the bold reds and corals standing out against the subtle earth tones of the backdrop.

 The dupatta, a sheer cascade of coordinated colors, striking block prints that grace the kurta. This ensemble is a masterpiece of textile art, a celebration of heritage that radiates with every fold. It is an outfit that does more than just stand out; it tells a story of the wearer’s connection to a rich lineage of craftsmanship and beauty.

 Sunshine Serenade: Yellow Floral Printed A Line Kurta Pant Set with Duppata


A delightful vision in yellow.  A-line kurta pant set that sings a serenade to the summer sun. The vibrant yellow hue, playful and warm, is adorned with white block prints that dance across the fabric in joyous rhythm.

 The kurta's silhouette is both traditional and refreshingly contemporary, allowing for a graceful flow with every step. Complementing the ensemble is a dupatta that catches the light and the eye, with its sheer fabric billowing like a gentle breeze. This set isn't just a clothing choice; it's a mood, a statement, a burst of cheer on a canvas of fabric.

 As you explore our Floral Collection, we invite you to embark on a journey through the wonders of the natural world. Let each design transport you to a place of serenity and beauty, where the harmony of color and form reign supreme. Whether you're drawn to the delicate grace of a cherry blossom or the bold elegance of a tropical orchid, there's a piece in our collection that speaks to your unique style and spirit.

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