5 Most Popular Instagram Posts By Savi India

Dearest Savi Women, if you’ve landed on our blog, chances are that you’ve also perused our Instagram whose handle is @saviindia.

You’ve gone through the posts, perhaps double-tapped on some, and on many occasions, left a comment appreciating or inquiring about our Indo-western outfits!

Therefore, this Savi blog is dedicated to our Instagram – which we have built with tons of hard work, ideation, and a polished aesthetic sense.

So, let’s look at 5 Instagram posts by Savi India that have impressed and delighted you so much that you have showered them with love and likes, of course!

1. The time our LOGO launched!

It was a big day for us and we were honestly quite nervous about how our logo would be received by you all. However, your reactions melted our hearts. The way you admired the magic of gold on a deep, red backdrop was amazing and so was your response to our simple but impactful tagline ‘Beautiful as you are’.

2. The time our VISION was unveiled

Every brand in the fashion e-tailer industry has a vision with which they begin their journey. Savi is the same in the sense that it wants to become an aspirational brand that is looked up to by a like-minded group of ambitious, humble, and fashionable women.

So, when we described in detail what we wished to visualize for Savi India and its patrons, you all received it quite well.

3. The time our WEBSITE went live!

From the creation of a mood board that would best reflect the soul of Savi to the coding that went into making it user-friendly, our official website has gone through many changes but triumphed as one of the most easily shoppable mediums for Indian women.

4. Collaboration with Bhavana Bhagat

Our Valentine’s Day campaign was centered around capturing the beauty and affection showcased by famous Instagram influencers in Savi apparel. This collab with digital creator Bhavana Bhagat did exactly that, didn’t it? That too in our undeniably stunning Off White Embroidered Kurta Pant Set With Organza Dupatta.

5. Collaboration with Nakshatra Medhekar

When the renowned actress wore our Navy Blue Cotton Printed Strappy Flared Dress, she turned heads and garnered attention for all the right reasons! We love how you loved this post.

Our wish is that you continue to adore our Instagram page and women’s fusion fashion the way you do. We’ll be back with another similar blog in which we list 5 more Instagram posts that were enthusiastically double-tapped by you all!