5 Interesting Facts About Savi

Welcome to the Savi World. In this blog, we will be decoding EVERYTHING you need to know about us before you shop from us.

1. Our name

The word ‘Savi’ means ‘goddesses of beauty’. And, that is how we imagine YOU – our Savi Women.

In our eyes, you are forever beautiful, humble and elegant.

Therefore, it feels right to call ourselves ‘Savi’ so that we can pay homage to YOU and your gorgeousness


2. Our beginnings

We are a humble ethnic brand with our factory based in the heart of the Pink City Jaipur.

Our origin can be traced to the House Of Savitex Global Pvt. Ltd. which has been in the business and export of western apparel for 25 years now


3. Our process

We are pro-slow fashion. So, EVERY product at the Savi India HQ is handcrafted with care and patience by our in-house artisans.

Our vow to remain eco-friendly and anti-wastage is also maintained while creating your orders.

We pay close attention to detail and dispatch every order hoping that it makes you feel beautiful as you are (this also happens to be our tagline!)


4. Our founder

Aarti Pareek founded Savi after aspiring to make it India’s first creative ethnic wear brand for women in India.

Our designs are inspired by simplicity, ease and mindfulness – all characteristics Aarti sees as necessities in women’s apparel.

Aarti also understands the importance of keeping alive the richness of Indian heritage, craftsmanship and history. Hence, all our apparel is a reflection of the country and culture we have grown up observing and knowing.


5. Our dream

Our dream is to continuously combine traditional sensibilities with modernity through our products and empower women from all walks of life.

Whether it is at home or the factory, we want all the Savi Women to feel like they can conquer the world if they want to.

In the future, we would also like to assemble an all-female workforce of artisans who can replicate the delicate aesthetics and wearability that we pride ourselves on. This way, the female artisans will also be able to earn a sustainable livelihood for themselves and support their families in the process.

In conclusion, affordability, quality and diversity shape who we are and what we offer.

Team Savi always likes to say-“Savi Women thrive on goodness.”

So, here's to hoping that you make good choices in life and while shopping! :)