3 Fashion Trends From Bollywood Savi Feels Inspired By

We're living in a digital age and everyone is scrolling through social media apps. almost every day.

Some of us do it for fun. Some of us gain knowledge from the bite-sized content that presents itself to us and many of us seek fashion inspiration.

We proudly belong to the last category mentioned. Along with our authentic design ideas, we tend to keep an eye on what's new and which latest trends are taking over the fashion world. But one aspect that intrigues us is what Bollywood celebrities are wearing at any given moment.

Sarees, we know how we have to fuse that element into our creative ethnic clothing. And, when we notice that many B-Town Babes are wearing more tonal colors, rather than contrasting ones, we steer our Design Team in a similar direction.

So, today's Savi blog will take a quick look at all the Bollywood fashion trends Savi has been inspired by in the past.

1. Scarves

Well, thank the higher powers that Bollywood stylists understand the power of scarves and that they shouldn't be packed up when the sunny season comes by.

Actresses like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have been seen with scarves draped over their airport looks in the summer because it gives them an air of sophistication and soberness.

That's why we knew we had to come up with an entire collection of scarves! Check them out here.


2. Flared dresses

Flared dresses have been having a MAJOR moment in Bollywood for a while! Whether it's a Shoot Day or a laid-back one, actresses like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Alia Bhatt continue to make statement-making appearances in dresses that are both elegant and effortless.

Naturally, Savi felt inspired by this and came up with its own curation of flared dresses! Two of our favorites are Rust Cotton Printed Flared Dress and Sage Green Cotton Pleated Flared Dress.


3. Ghararas

Just when everybody thought that Ghararas would go out of style forever, they came back to life last year, during the wedding season.

B-Town Divas like Sara Ali Khan and Madhuri Dixit brought it back in full force, pairing it gracefully with their celebratory ensembles.

Hence, our cotton floral Gharara should be your next pick if you want to dress it up for a chic yet casual event!

Celeb Fashion will always continue evolving. Every time a famous actress steps out, we along with other fashion-loving outlets, set our sights on what they are wearing and why. May we continue being this observant and may we keep making women's apparel for you that makes you feel just like a Bolly Celeb!